Sabtu, 10 Maret 2012

Kalimat Simple Present tense dan Kalimat Simple past tense

Contoh kalimat Simple present tense :
  • He studies English
  • She washes her clothes
  • She watches television
  • Father takes a train to go to office
  • A mouse eats my food every morning
  • The boys play in the garden
  • She works five days a week
  • We play tennis every Sunday
  • I work five days a week
  • My brother likes playing tennis on Sunday morning
Contoh kalimat Simple past tense :

  • I went to USA last week
  • She studied English last month
  • They bought a new house two months ago
  • You called me yesterday
  • played tennis with some guys from work yesterday
  • We stayed in Shanghai for five days
  • The dog jumped over the fence
  • I walked 22 kilometers yesterday
  • We worked together as lawyers for 15 years
  • We watched a movie at the weekend

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